Thursday, September 15, 2011

Media Prima 1001 Raya

Last year's Media Prima Open House for the staff was, to me, the best one ever held. So this year's organisers really had their work cut out to top 2010's feat. And guess what? I think they might have just done it!

For one, they chose a theme never before done: "1001 Raya", which basically meant an Arabian Raya. So you can already imagine the costumes, decor and food that were gonna make the day.

Primeworks Studios were pumped up right from the start and we were determined to win, at the very least, the Best Booth prize. And so the team drew up an elaborate plan to wow the socks off the judges and the rest of Media Prima. And how they delivered!

Yours truly was given the task of being the Maharaja and this was how I looked...

Ada gaya Pak Arab tak? Haha.

I sat on the throne and was fed grapes and had dayangs fanning me...

But that wasn't all. We had dancers performing, khadams and also a couple of gracious hosts...

It was apparent from the beginning that we were the favourites to win it all. Haha.

And of course, we served some really delicious nasi mendi as well!

And I wanna say thanks to all the bosses and colleagues who dropped by! Even THAT guy in plain office wear...

Elsewhere, the festivities were in full force and there were performances by all the different departments as well as guests artistes that included Dato' Siti Nurhaliza.

The lucky draw was a big, um, draw as well, as the organisers gave out some fantastic prizes like iPad 2s, Blackberrys, refrigerators (for real!) and flight tickets to Bandung, Jakarta and Istanbul!

But the hightlight for us was of course when the winner of the Best Booth award was announced. Primeworks did it! And we took home the cash prize of RM5,000! Fuh, berbaloi baloi!

Overall, another successful and meriah Raya Open House that wasn't at all dampened by the heavy rain that poured halfway through the event!

Now, if only I can find my dayangs. Can't feed grapes to myself now, can I?

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