Sunday, September 18, 2011

Breaking The 10km Barrier

So when a couple of friends invited me to run together earlier this morning, I knew it wasn't gonna be another 5km jaunt I'm used to now. Especially when the Siemens 10km is just around the corner, it's time to step things up after the long puasa break. Must say I'm pretty nervous myself, seeing how I've never ran that far before, competitive or non-competitive.

We met up at around 6.30am, at Bukit Aman, and was told we'd be doing 6-7km at the very least. I've also heard how the route is kinda hilly and challenging, but I was definitely up for it.
I started off with a good pace, but as the first uphill challenge came, I did have to stop for a while and walk. This was after 3km.

Went back to my pace after that and I must say it was a pretty enjoyable and scenic run.
We stopped again later to wait for the rest of the posse, but then came to most challenging bit; what is called the "doublehill" at Bukit Tunku. It was tough, I must admit. But again, it was fun as well. And do check out some if the stuff I saw...
Yes yes, I'm now very much adept in tweeting and taking photos as I run : )
And before I knew it, we had passed the 10km mark which I did in 1hr 25mins. And you know what? I didn't feel like dying or anything. Haha.
In all, we did 11.5km and I felt soo good after that. Ada lah konfiden sikit nak lari minggu depan!
But of course I had to reward myself with... Tanglin nasi lemak!


emy|farid said...

last pic, nasi lemak jugak. hehehe reward!!

M.Zul said...

of course lah kan. I already burned 1,000 calories what. hehe


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