Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Amazon Kindle Fire: Do I Need One?

Of course the thing about most stuff today is not really whether you need one, but do you, well, simply want one? In the case of the Kindle Fire, unveiled to the world just a few hours ago, it might meet both criteria for me.

So, OK. I'm really the type who's easily contented and practical. Contrary to popular belief, since I DO work in new media, I DO NOT own a kajillion gadgets and more. I DO have the following: Blackberry, HP lap top, iPad 1, iPhone and an iPod (although yeah, I have owned like four different iPods of different versions before).

See, that's hardly a kajillion gadgets. But I HAVE been tempted to splurge before on various other (android) tablets and phones. Do I really need them? Not quite. I mean, how much more time can you spend on these things? I tweet, listen to music, watch some videos, read some articles and play Need For Speed and FIFA. Cukuplah tu. Plus, all the other stuff I thought of buying have had bad reviews/comments attached to them; e.g.: Blackberry Playbook ("takde apps"), Samsung Galaxy Tab ("get something else")...

But I am convinced that the time has come for me to toy around with another tablet; the Kindle Fire.

Sure, it's wi-fi only and is smaller than the iPad in size and memory, and probably it won't be the MAIN gadget for social networking, but it's the direct connection to Amazon that has had my tongue wagging (and the price!). You know lah, in Malaysia we can't download most stuff from iTunes without the hassle of faking a US address or getting the giftcards, so I'm hoping  the Kindle Fire will be sans all that and more.

I know, I know; it's the same case with the original Kindle and our geographical location, but I do have a plan. Since I'll be going to the UK in December, gonna purchase the hardware there and set up the account as well. Score! (pls don't spoil the party by saying I still need a UK credit card etc, will figure it out lah)

Of course what I'll be looking forward to most is the massive library of movies and TV series. The Prime Instant Videos will indeed my new best friend : )

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