Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ramadhan Is Here!

Yes, it's here! Today's the second day of the holy month and everything's going A-OK so far. What did I have for buka yesterday? Well, have a look...

OK, OK, there was other stuff as well, I admit, but that's not the point of this entry, really.

What I really want to write about is how all the LAME jokes would pop up during this time, and how some people STILL think it's funny or relevant.

You know what I'm talking about lah: "Puasa ke? Mulut bau kari je. Hahaha", "Ha, buat apa dalam toilet, pekena roti canai ke? Hahaha", "Amacam, dah lunch ke? Hahaha". Hahaha kepala hotak kau...

Seriously, is it funny at all? Are we supposed to defend ourselves? But the most laughable bit is that the culprits are not 8-year-old children, but grownups who're still not tired of annoying others in the lamest possible way.

OK lah, before I say anything further that would take some of my pahala away, just wanna say that should YOU feel the need to say such things to ME, you will simply be met with a big fat PFFFTTTTTT...

Selamat Berpuasa!


gadisBunga said...

selamat berpuasa to you too! :)

Shristhi Ahuja said...

Ramadan Kareem, to You.
B&B Brugge


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