Monday, August 01, 2011

The Men's Health & Shape Night Run 2011: A Personal Best!

The last run before Ramadhan was a pretty cool one (unintentional rhyming there, I can assure you). And it was also my first night run, so I was really looking forward to it.

Having ran the Putrajaya Fun Run a couple of months back, I had no problems finding the exact location on Saturday. Parking was ample, but it was even better for me with a VIP pass. Ahem.

And even though Putrajaya's no strange town to me, I was quite awestruck by the lit-up buildings around Precinct 3.

Picked up my race kit, then it was time to warm up!

It was great to see that the organisers had also thought about family needs and, apart from sponsor booths, also had a bouncy castle and clowns to keep the young ones entertained.

I don't have the official figures, but there must have been about 4,000 runners at least, who also brought along their friends and family. So it was quite meriah lah.

As usual, I started from the back of the pack for the 5km run. Yup, I've not learned my lesson and again, I had to maneuver through the "powerwalkers" and slow coaches for a good few hundred metres.

The first km was OK, but the humidity was quite punishing and I was already drenched by this point!

The water station was at halfway point, after which I had a bit of a problem. I tweeted "pancit", but really it was my tummy tightening up. You see, I broke a rule of running earlier by eating less than 2 hours before the event started. But I couldn't help it lah, had an early lunch, and so I just had to stop by The Loaf before heading to Putrajaya.

So yes, it affected my run, but having started rather well, I was confident of a good time.

And turned out, that was the case! I stopped my iPod at 36mins 11secs. A personal best indeed! Didn't see that coming since I barely trained after the Feel Good Run. So, yay me! :)

The goodie bag was also pretty good, much better than the ones I've received so far. But sorry, no pics...

Overall, a good run and congrats to Men's Health and Shape for a well-organised event.

Up next for me: The Siemens 10km Run in September... Tapi kita puasa dulu! :)

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