Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!: Muara Sungai Duyung, Melaka

I know, I know, it's rather weird that I've been quiet about food all this month, huh? But the reason is obvious, right? And although I WAS planning on doing a special edition on all the fantastic berbuka grub I've had, it might seem redundant now that Raya is just around the corner.

BUT I do wanna highlight at least one berbuka experience we had; and this one was in Melaka. Muara Sungai Duyung, Melaka, to be exact. This was our second year in a row during Ramadhan there, and so far, we've not been disappointed.

But to get a seat there, we had to be there as early as 5.30pm! The restaurant doesn't entertain telephone bookings, so you have to actually go there, pick out your table, choose your seafood, and then only are you allowed to go "jalan-jalan" to kill time before berbuka time comes.

Anyway, it was another big spread of seafood we ordered, including: chili mussels, garlic butter prawn, pahat goreng cili padi, black pepper crabs, deep fried squid and a couple of grilled fish. Have a look:

. Overall, I was again impressed by the freshness of the seafood and of course, the cooking itself. The balance in taste is always there and they don't skimp on spices and other ingredients. And instead of normal rice, they serve some delicious nasi lemak to go with the food. I can guarantee that two packs will be your absolute minimum!

Oh yeah, we ordered a couple of pitches of sugar cane juice as well that brilliantly washed down everything smoothly.

So if you ask me, this place is definitely in my Top 5 of favourite seafood joints in the land.

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