Friday, July 01, 2011

WWE's John Morrison And Melina In Malaysia

So last Saturday, Sunway Pyramid was rocked by the presence of WWE Superstar John Morrison and WWE Diva Melina. And of course I was there! Think I own the record of interviewing the most WWE superstars in Malaysia (Big Show, FBI (2 guys), Torri Wilson, Chris Benoit, Scotty 2 Hotty, among others), and this was a chance for me to chalk up a couple more. Even more special, this time I was doing it for Malaysia Hari Ini!

Anyway, when I got to the venue, the ring was already set for the Meet The Fans Session later in the day. And fans were already milling about, waiting for the event to start.

In fact, Morrison and Meline WERE already in the building at that point in time. First, they had lunch with some lucky contest winners and fans.

Then it was time for a press conference. Really, they looked like a nice regular couple from the US who could be promoting just about anything at all. Their in-ring persona put aside, Morrison and Melina were honest and candid with their answers to the press. And people kept on whispering to me, "Aww, they're so nice". Haha.

Then it was time for exclusive interviews with TV3 in-house programs. And up first was yours truly for MHI.

The interview was a blast. Both of them were articulate and gave very good answers, I must say.

After their interviews with Fuuh, Melodi and Scoreboard, Morrison (former ECW and Intercontinental champion) and Melina (former Women's Cahmpion), were then ushered to the concourse area where a few hundred screaming fans were waiting for them.

Then, it was pandemonium as the diva and superstar took the stage...

Again, they were cool and gracious in answering fan questions and signing autographs.

Oh yeah, Morrison did mention to me that when he got back to the US, he will personally tell WWE Chairman Vince McMahon (or Vinne Mac, as I call him) to have a live show here in Malaysia next year. Oh hell yeah!!

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pakwetizzaqyah said...

best la wei dapat usha melina...hakhakhak kalau maryse datang lg best...


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