Friday, July 01, 2011

ntv7 Feel Good Run: The Final Prep On MHI

Yup, only a couple more days to go before the ntv7 Feel Good Run on Sunday, and to promote the event, we did a special focus on running and the run itself on MHI this past Wednedsay.

For starters, both Ally and I wore something sporty for a change; me in the feel good run T-Shirt even. And right after the news break... I started making a healthy milkshake. On 'live' TV!

Yup, it was a historic moment for me indeed. And judging by viewers' comments afterward, many feel that I have the talent to be another Jamie Oliver. Only rubbish. Haha. But hey, I'm sure it was pretty entertaining to see two awkward guys trying to work the blender and stuff :)

Then, it was time for some warming up. The Feel Good peeps from ntv7 along with some nice-looking volunteers started doing some high-energy routines, and of course I had to join in and make a mess out of it.

THEN, it was time for the main event. I was to run 2km, on national TV! And after a pre-race massage (uhuh), I was off!

Going around Bandar Utama, I ended up running 2.7km in 19 minutes. Seriously, hosting AND running at the same time. I only have one thing to say: UOLL MAMPU??? Hahaha...

And seriously, right after a post-race massage (during which I was interviewed in a compromising position), I continued doing the show, sweaty body and all...

But yeah, I'm ready for the Feel Good Run! And even if you're not running, drop by at Sri Pentas on Sunday 7am onwards to join in the festivities. See you there!

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