Thursday, July 14, 2011

Liverpool In Malaysia: The Stalking Starts

Ah yes, I had my first taste of Liverpool-mania in Malaysia just a couple of hours ago at One World, the team's official hotel. The press conference was slated for 2pm, and so I made my way to the hotel around 12.30pm to basically stalk the players.

Haha! The truth is, I had a lunch to attend at the same venue, but used the coincidence to join in the stalking fun.

And seriously, I never expected to see so many Kopites, all decked out in various Liverpool kits, waiting for their favourite players to come down from their rooms. I myself waited until 1.15pm, after which I sat down for lunch with a special guest from the UK.

And this was the sight I caught before walking into the Chinese restaurant...

But no doubt their perseverance paid off as they must have gotten to see and maybe touch their Kop idols, judging from the screams I heard from inside the restaurant.

Next up: the training session at Bukit Jalil!

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