Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Irony In The Lion City

So, we spent the weekend in the Lion City, you know, for fun, and a spot of shopping. Of course people were wondering if I was in town to catch the Malaysia vs Singapore Pre World Cup qualifier, but it was all a coincidence. I DID watch the game, but it was from the comfy confines of our hotel room. Didn't make the result easier to swallow though.

Anyway, like I said, it was a fun weekend trip for some consumption of wind (makan angin lah) : ) Before that, we did the whole self check-in at LCCT for the AirAsia flight, and the experience was rather mixed. The checking in using the kiosk was quite a breeze. BUT if you had baggage to check-in, you'd need to drop it off at the "Baggage Drop" counter. WHICH took ages to process. Which also means, you don't really save time, ultimately... So AirAsia, looks like you need another round of brainstorming to sort this out.

It was our first time as well at the Royal Plaza at Scotts Road. And the experience was really good. Location was awesome, service was above-average, it had free wi fi (very important these days), and there was even a coffee machine in the room with some complimentary fancy coffee provided. We had no complaints whatsoever. Well, getting free newspaper in the morning wouldn't have hurt actually, haha.

No need to tell you guys where we went to buy stuff (we DID stay at Scotts Road), but we did get some really good deals, seeing how the Great Singapore Sale was still in full swing.

On Saturday, most of the excitement was centred around the match and Harry Potter. Yup, the Shaw Theatres had re-opened, and we were all pumped up to watch HP in 3D IMAX.

But as it turned out, Malaysia got trounced 5-3 and the IMAX tickets were sold out. But we did catch a regular 3D screening right after the match and I must say the concluding film was absolutely brilliant!

What wasn't so brilliant was the headlines in the local papers the next morning.

But OK, we're not dead and out of it yet. And come Thursday, I am confident Malaysia will roar back to win the tie with sufficient goals. Provided our defence don't play like shit, lah.

OK, I'm getting a little emo here. But the game didn't really spoil the whole mood of the trip. The weather was pretty good as well and we basically got the stuff we were looking for.

And oh yeah, here's a tip. If you're going on a short trip, it's better to park at the airport carpark instead of taking the taxi. For 52 hours of parking, I only paid RM85. Taxi would have cost me RM160!

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