Thursday, July 07, 2011

I Met The Tallest Man In The World

Rarely do I get awestruck by anyone or anything. But that's exactly what happened yesterday on MHI when we got to meet and interview Ijaz Ahmed from Pakistan, unofficially the Tallest Man in the World.

Seriously, until you meet him in person, you won't be able to really grasp the size of this person. I bumped into Ijaz in the makeup room before the interview started and I was simply lost for words. But he did flash me a smile and I uttered the salam to which re replied.

28 years of age, Ijaz was in good health until he met with a car accident. So now he has to walk with a cane and his right leg is still in need of treatment.

Oh yeah, I said "unofficially" the Tallest Man cos the Guinness Book of Records still recognizes Sultan Kosen as the tallest at 8 feet 3 inches. Ijaz, as he claims, is 8 feet 4 inches and is still growing.

Whatever the height, Ijaz is indeed the classic Gentle Giant and I hope he'll get the help he needs for his leg so he can be 100% again. And maybe come back to to show again in the near future!

You can watch my exclusive interview with Ijaz HERE


eNatasha said...

Hi there,

Would you mind giving me the email address and phone number I could contact if I'd like to invite the team to an event?

M.Zul said...

eNatasha said...

Thanks for responding MZulkifli :)

I tried that earlier. but the email doesn't seem to go through. Would the team happen to have a contact number I could reach them at?


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