Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!: Special Perth Edition

Yup, I've got one more post on Perth to go, and this time it's about: surprise, surprise... food! Like I've mentioned before, there were loads of halal places to eat around our hotel; and not just the cliched kebab! Then, there was also the spectacular seafood...

Anyway, one place we went back on this trip was Streeton's Cafe along the Murray Street Mall. One major factor it's a favourite of ours is the location. Right smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the shopping district, it's a great place to just hang out, enjoy the cool breeze and watch people shuffle along, as well as some creative street performances.

The coffee and cakes are not bad either : )

One Middle Eastern restaurant that we really enjoyed, however, was this one on Barrack Street, less than 100 metres from our hotel. Can't remember the name, but when I googled, I think it was in fact Levant Cuisine.

We liked the friendliness of the service staff and the food was above-average. We had the mixed-grill a couple of times and they didn't disappoint. You can share it and still be full. Recommended!

Next up: Seafood in Fremantle!

Uh huh. It was one of the MAJOR reasons we just had to go back to Freo, and so, before anything else, we invaded Kaili's Fish Market. We picked out some kings prawns, crabs, calamari and garlic bread, and took our time to enjoy every single bite. Score!

What about Malaysian restaurants you ask? Well, there are in fact, quite a number of Malaysian makan places in Perth, but we went to Mahsuri Satay Restaurant at Victoria Park, after a strong recommendation from a work colleague.

Walking in, we instantly felt right at home.

We actually went there twice, the first time for lunch where they had lunch specials such as nasi goreng and mee goreng at AUD9.90 (RM32).

But of course we had to try the house specialty, satay. And we weren't disappointed. The meat's fresh and tender and the kuah was near perfection. At AUD8.90 (RM29) for seven sticks, the price might be a bit steep, but hey, it's a small price to pay for a slice of home :)

Back to Barrack Street, we also tried out this halal Japanese Restaurant, Taka's Kitchen. Seriously, the place looked less than ordinary from outside. But as we pushed the door to enter, only then did we see how lively the place was with tonnes of people inside, enjoying sushi, sashimi and whatnot.

And the food's rather good and items reasonably priced. Oh yeah, I googled a bit and found out that Taka's has been voted the best Japanese restaurant in Perth before. So, there you go...

Of course, we couldn't leave Perth without having a kebab or two. And our choice was Ispa Kebabs at Harbour Town. It was pretty busy during lunch hour, and we had a couple of delicious baclavas while waiting for the rest of the food. We actually packed the kebabs for our picnic at Kings Park and having those while lying on the grass and enjoying the excellent weather was simply superb :)

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