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Food, Glorious Food!: July 2011 Edition (Ben's General Food Store, Brisik, Bali Thai, etc)

OK I know, Ramadhan is just around the corner, so tak baiklah nak cerita about food right? But the thing is, I've skipped this "Food, Glorious Food" post last time around, so just bear with me now lah. Haha.

In fact, a couple of these places, we actually went to the month before, so I do apologise for the lack of details. I'm not an elephant who remembers everything lah, for God's sake.

Anyway, the first place to highlight is this Indonesian restaurant Brisik at Jaya One. It's not our first time there, so we kinda knew what to expect.

Being an Indonesian joint, naturally we had to order... salmon with pasta! Haha. Well, it's what the little one wanted. And what she wants, she gets...

As for the rest of us, we ordered a couple of set meals. And no, I can't remember what they're called, but ask the waiter and he'll tell you what the more popular sets are. There are different sets with lamb, chicken, fish etc. And each one comes with ulam, sambal, tempe and tauhu. What I remember tho, is that they're worth our money, really...

Next up is another one in the chain of Ben's awesome joints: Ben's General Food Store at Bangsar Village I. Let me tell you right off the bat, that I love, love, love the food here. Nothing too fancy schmancy, but perfect for our Sunday makan-makan. And here's one definite MUST-TRY: the banoffee drink.

Seriously, as I took a sip of the banoffee, I felt like I was drinking a glass of awesomeness. I felt like it was unfair for Ben's to have something so delicious. It is THAT good. I can assure you.

We also ordered a couple of other stuff that was simple, yet satisfying: the meatball pizza, and the garlic bread. Best, best, best.

OK, now on to the international front with a couple of places we went to in Singapore.

The first is Bali Thai at Suntec City. I've been to this place before with some colleagues a few months back and was suitably impressed by the food and ambience. And it didn't disappoint me this time around as well.

I remembered that the appetizer platter was really good and so we just had to order it. The combo of satay, fish cake, rice cracker and samosa was the perfect starter. Everything's fresh and good, just like the first time.

Then the tomyam came, and boy, what a heavenly bowl of sour and spicy goodness it was! Truth was, we were STARVING when we walked in, so even a piece of stick would have tasted delicious, but the tomyam was actually REALLY good.

We also ordered the honey chicken and some vege, but nothing could beat the tomyam. So yes, I'd definitely recommend this place if you're looking for a good halal Thai place down south.

Meanwhile, near our hotel was this nice little cafe called Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie (yeah, try saying that without fumbling!). And we only had one thing there: MACARONS!

We ordered six and were so impressed that we took home another 12. Enuff said, right?

And finally, another Indonesian joint, this time at The Heeren, called Desa Kartika.

We actually walked in after we couldn't find anything else to eat, so expectations weren't so high. But it was a not-bad experience, really (although the service staff could have smiled a bit more, I mean, nak jadi macam Malaysia ke?)

We started off with the good 'ol gado-gado. Nice.

Then we had some beef rendang, which was quite good, not too spicy with the meat being nice and tender.

And also the ayam masak lemak; which was a bit too subtle though.

So that concludes this edition of "Food, Glorious Food!" and on that note, I just wanna wish everyone a very blessed Ramadhan!

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