Friday, July 22, 2011

40 Things To Do Before I Turn 40

Believe it or not (just play along lah), I have less than 4 more months to go before I hit the big 4-0. To tell you the truth, it doesn't bother me one bit. Seriously. Well, it bums me out that I will no longer be classified as a "belia", but I feel good, and things are going quite well for me in the overall scheme of things...

But just for the fun of it, allow me to do a checklist sorta post of the stuff I want to do before I turn 40 and the status report. Let me just say that I'm leaving out the religious stuff, cos that's simply too personal to share; so don't be a judging me, fools...

Anyway, here goes:

1. Get a book published
Status: Done. And I'm still getting royalty cheques for "Punched Lines: Sit-down Comedy From Southeast Asia". Google it.

2. Watch Metallica 'live'
Status: Missed them in Australia last year, damnit. Still hoping they'd swing by this region sometime soon. If not, maybe Europe in December?

3. Attend the final of a Hollywoood reality show
Status: Done. Went all the way to LA to catch the final of "Rockstar: Supernova" in 2006 and what a blast it was! Met up with Tommy Lee, Jason Newstead and Gilby Clarke and I even got to hangout with the finalists at their mansion. Totally awesome.

4.Walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Status: Did it during the same trip above. Overrated, IMHO.

5. Own a big bike
Status: Call it mid-life crisis, but yeah, I have dreams of owning a big bike. Thought of buying one last year, but the desire subsided. It might come back again!

6. Write lyrics for the country's No 1 singer
Status: Wrote THREE songs for Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. One got into Anugerah Juara Lagu final. Check.

7. Host a talkshow
Status: It took a while, but am now a regular on Malaysia Hari Ini. God's rezeki can never be predicted...

8. Direct a movie
Status: Well, I would settle for just being a screenwriter now. And yes, a couple of my scripts WILL be made into movies very, very soon!

9. Get manhandled by a WWE superstar
Status: See photo.

10. See the Pyramids
Status: Zero attempts so far but hey, with AirAsia heading that way, it might just happen sooner than expected.

11. Grow my hair long
Status: Kept it that way for a couple of years during my publishing days. How do I look? Hehe.

12. Shave off my hair
Status: Done that as well!

13. Send a criminal to jail
Status: Came with the job as a magistrate. Can't say I enjoyed sending all those people to the Big House.

14. Record an album
Status: Released a couple of demo albums during the height of the alternative DIY movement. That should count, right?

15. Run a marathon
Status: Well... I WAS in this year's KL Marathon but I guess running 5km doesn't count, huh? Don't think I'll ever run 42km, although 21km might happen in a couple of years. Watch this space.

16. Meet the tallest man in the world
Status: Ijaz Ahmed of Pakistan actually came to the MHI studio a couple of weeks ago! He's 8'4'. Gila tinggi...

17. See the tallest building in the world
Status: The record-holder keeps on changing, but I HAVE seen the KLCC, Taipei 101, and the Empire State Building. And oh yeah, I had a look at the Burj Al Khalifa from the Dubai airport. Does that count?

18. Go snorkelling
Status: Yup, off the coast of Phuket a few years back. The very spot got wiped out by the tsunami though. Sad.

19. Fly a plane
Status: Oh, man. Think the opportunity will be there if I want it, but not so sure lah...

20. Play the percussion for an audience
Status: I basically hentam-ed only. Haha.

21. Drive around the Sepang F1 Circuit at 250kmh
Status: Not yet, but I do know people who might be able to help me out with this...

22. Meet Yusuf Islam
Status: Got to do an exclusive interview with the man last year. It was an inspiring 20mins for sure.

23. Pet a kangaroo
Status: Because you just have to! And yes, I have :)

24. Pet a snake
Yes, at the Sunway park. Hey, it's a big deal for me who's a reptile non-lover, OK?

25. Jam at Hard Rock Cafe
Status: Played some Green Day and Offspring some 15 years back at HRC KL... I tell ya, the gals were suitably impressed :)

26. See the Eiffel Tower
Status: Saw it last year.

27. Come face to face with the Mona Lisa
Status: Pun dah.

28. Make an entrance like The Rock
Status: Oh yes, check out the video!

29: Watch an NBA game 'live'
Status: Have not even come close. And that sucks.

30. Ride the biggest rollercoaster
Status: Pass.

31. See the inside of a submarine
Status: Yup, at the Maritime Museum in Fermantle, Perth.

32: Be on the cover of a magazine
Status: Twice!

33. Get groped by a Pussycat Doll
Status: Look at the photo CAREFULLY...

34. Act in a TV drama
Status: Well, I have a small part in an upcoming Ramadhan drama on TV3. So, that would be a "check". Unless they edit me out!

35. Launch a website
Status: Done.

36. Attend the World Cup
Status: No opportunity as yet :(

37. Go to a strip club
Status: No comment.

38. Be on a "power" list
Status: Was in KLUE mag's "Top 40 Under 40" list three years ago.

39. Climb a mountain
Literally, not proverbially. And no, I haven't :(

40. Visit Anfield
Status: Incredibly, I've never made my way there whenever I'm in the UK. BUT, gonna be there again this December... and that might just be the most fitting present for my 40th!


nyonyacyber said...

wow! interesting! good one mr zul! good achievement ya!

M.Zul said...

tq! :)

Azizi Zain Hetfield said...

...bro, dulu pegang FHM Malaysia kejap kan...??

...nice job!

M.Zul said...

Yup, betul. TQ :)

Hazrey said...

Now reading this makes me hate you more! How can you play at HRC without me? How can you be staring at 'Pussies' Cat Doll without me there? Now I hate you.

And Anfield? With the riot now, lets go backpacking around Europe this Jan 2012.

M.Zul said...

haha, sabar bro... next time we go see wondergirls together :)
europe sounds good, but teket london dah confirm dec ni. hopefully takde yg terbakar by then :/

Ron Mia-Eaz said...

i heard rumours metallica will coming to Malaysia in December.


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