Monday, June 13, 2011

Return To Perth

So, the school holidays saw us going back to one of our favourite cities in the world: Perth, Australia. Really, Perth is like the dream city for me; modern yet not too busy, peaceful with beautiful surroundings and very family-oriented. And no, I don't care if there aren't too many places to party here; gimme parks and good food any day!

Another reason that got us looking forward to returning there: the winter season! Yup, you know damn well how hot it's been here, so to go to a beautiful place with gorgeous weather (temp was between 5-15c) was simply awesome.

We landed in Perth in the wee hours of the morning, and after a short wait, we rented a car and drove straight into the city.

Of course we were told it was too early to check-in, so we went around the city looking for breakfast and just taking in the cool winter morning air.

But back to the hotel, I would recommend the Barrack Medina Executive Suites to anyone going there. Top marks for location, service and the facilities. Felt right at home from the start, and everything's just around the corner; including the shopping districts and loads of halal eateries (that include Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish and Lebanese).

OK, there will be several entries on Perth, so this one will purely focus on our city jaunts. Which included shopping at the famous Hay and Murray streets.

I wouldn't say Perth's a shopping haven, but they do have enough interesting shops and malls to keep you occupied for a couple of days lah.


Harbour Town

Harbour Town

We also spent half a day just lepak-ing at the awesome Kings Park. It's amazing how you can just have a good picnic day out doing nothing much save for looking at the skies and goofing around. Quality time definitely!

We also went to the Perth Zoo for the very first time. Another relaxing way to kill time while learning a thing or two. And again, with the cool winter breeze, conditions were absolutely perfect.

Must also say that everything shuts down early in this city, just like most other places in Australia. So there's no nighttime shopping (save for every Friday) or that many cafes to lepak. But we did check out the Burswood Entertainment Complex where LOADS of things DO happen. Hehe.

And on another night, we basically drove around and just snapped pics with the gorgeous city in the background.

* Up next: Running in the City

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Anonymous said...

I eallymiss Perth, I am about start to cry. I spent more than 2 years overthere, it was the best momeries I could have.

Thanks for the nice moments


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