Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Return To Perth: The Sunset Coast to Fremantle

So, high on our priority list was of course to drive down to Fremantle (Freo) and, you know, binge on some great seafood. Hehe. Plus, it's such a lovely port city that we instantly fell in love with the last time around (we even went INSIDE a submarine!).

But instead of taking the train or ferry, we decided to make it an enjoyable drive. And so, we whipped out the map and took the route up to Scarborough where we heard a gorgeous beach awaited. Have a look...

We then drove down looking for Cottesloe.

We found the town, but somehow I missed the turn to the famous beach. Which meant in no time at all, we were already in Fremantle.

After a short walk, it was time for some makan-makan. Even if it was just around 11am at that time! Again, we picked this restaurant on the boardwalk that didn't disappoint us the last time around...

Here's the feast that we had :)

Then it was time to soak in the sun and the feel good feeling the town exuded.

A couple of must-dos include checking out the market (that opens on certain days only) to pick-up some trinkets and fudge (yay!), as well as having a cuppa along the world famous Capuccino Strip.

We left rather early in the evening, but it was an excellent day out no doubt. Only wished the drive there was longer tho. Seriously, it's such a refreshing experience to drive without morons hogging the right lane or those looking for a fight at the smallest of opportunities. Next time then!

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