Monday, June 13, 2011

Return To Perth: Running In The City

When I tweeted about it, many responded with the same: "holiday pun pergi jogging ker?". But that's exactly what I did. A couple of times, actually.

I mean, rugi OK if I didn't run in the cool weather and around such lovely surroundings. And yes, the training has to go on no matter where I am. Chewah.

Anyway, enjoy the pics! : )


Anonymous said...

berpeluh tak mzul..kawan2 yg study uk, oz kabo..kalau time2 sejuk bersukan tak berpeluh langsung :)

Anonymous said...

Wahhh...siap bulu ketiak pun berjaga...bagus btul la bro ni... :)

M.Zul said...

Anon: hahaha
Noor: Peluh sikit. Belum peak lagi musim sejuk time ni :)

Amer Azmi said...

x sejuk ke bersenam dengan suhu 5-10 celcius ni?


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