Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Return To Perth: Rottnest Island

So another must-go destination for us was Rottnest Island. A bit of info on the place: Famous for its tranquil waters and secluded bays, Rottnest Island is a perfect day out. On arrival, hire a bike to explore the island at your leisure. Enjoy lunch at one of the cafes and restaurants, most offering spectacular ocean views then spend the afternoon enjoying the beautiful crystal bays.

Sounds good, huh?

Anyway, we made our way to Barrack Street Jetty that fine morning but was told that due to the winter season, the ferry ride to Rottnest would only start from Fremantle. Which meant, we had to take a shuttle to Freo before hopping on to the Rottnest Express. FYI, the return ticket for adults was AUD81 per person. Can't remember how much for kids though.

The ferry ride from Freo to Rottnest took about 30mins, and it was a really comfy journey. Most interesting part? I could still tweet right in the middle of the ocean using my BB with an Australian sim card. My question to Malaysian telcos: Kau mampu???

OK, back to Rottnest; we were simply blown away the minute we docked at the jetty. Blue skies, even blue-r waters and the chilly weather was perfect for a walkabout.

We then went straight to the Visitors' Centre to pickup some brochures and tickets for the hop on, hop off bus, since we didn't pre-book any other type of tour. But all very convenient I must add.

After a quick cuppa at the nearby Dome, we hopped on the bus (that begins its journey every hour only) and we were treated to some of the most magnificent views we've ever seen. The brochures weren't lying, this was indeed a slice of paradise blessed with clear waters and beaches and bays that begged you to explore.

On the advice of some Japanese tourists (I think), we went down at Parker Point and started snapping away.

Oh yeah, we were told that if we were lucky, we might catch sight of a local animal called Quokka. And we WERE lucky! So lucky that at a later point, these buggers literally terrorised us and refused to leave when shushed away. (must have been all the food in the bag)

From Parker Point, we basically walked on the solitary road for at least a kilometre until we reached the next point of interest. Check out some of my stylo photos. Chewah.

We hopped on the bus again, and enjoyed another brief ride, passing the Wadjemup Lighthouse and stopped at this bay (the name escapes me now), to have a picnic.

It was my intention to jump into the water to have a good swim, forgetting that this was actually winter and the water was simply too cold for anything more than just feet-dipping. But sorry, no pics here as I wasn't appropriately clothed. Haha.

We then caught the bus back to the mainpoint where, with an hour and a half to spare before the ferry took us back to Perth, we indulged in a little game of miniature golf. Best siot!

And then it was time to go back, but really, it was an immensely enjoyable day out in the middle of the Indian Ocean!


Che Kay said...

lepas baca entry2 pasal Perth terus saya tgk tabung ayam! semoga impian jadi kenyataan~ =)

M.Zul said...

Insya Allah :)

Anonymous said...

The bluest skies and seas I've ever seen.. Sama cam Che Kay. Pasang angan2x in one sweet day..


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