Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A French Father's Day Treat : L'Heritage, Royale Chulan

To be honest, yes, I WAS wondering where the fam would take me for Father's Day dinner this year. And it was a pleasant surprise when I was told we would be going French (French Italian to be exact). Not something common for us. I mean, even when I was in France, I had fish & chips. Haha!

Anyway, the destination was the L'Heritage Restaurant at the Royale Chulan. First time for me there as well. Since it was the night before Father's Day, the place was rather empty, which was fine by me. We got the full-attention of the service staff, at the very least.

After admiring the fine decor of the place, our 9-course chef's special meal started. Here goes (some selected dishes):

Foie gras

Oven baked black cod, caprese salad, petit calzone

Classic style minestrone with basil pesto

Sweet and sour lemon sherbert

Stone grilled wagyu beef, spinach ravioli, fava beans and balsamic glazed

Grilled lamb chop ala Romano, herbs papardeille and gherkin sauce

As you might already know, the French portions are really small, and the trick is to savour every well-constructed dish. Which was what happened, until we got to the sherbet. Suddenly, the tummy felt full, and it was quite a task finishing the wagyu beef, lamb and the desserts.

But overall, it was a wonderful and fulfilling dinner with excellent company, of course. Man, it's great to be a dad!


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