Monday, May 16, 2011

Running, Man!

So by now, you should already know that I'll be running in the ntv7 Feel Good Run in July. Although I hadn't run in years when I signed up for the event (I prefer eating and watching TV these days), it's given me the proper motivation to do just that.

I started a month ago, jogging and walking as far as I could (physically and mentally), and now it's becoming more serious for me. I actually LOOK FORWARD to running and feeling this fit is just simply awesome.

Of course, I need extra, extra motivation to keep this going. Which means, buying cool new stuff. Like the latest Nike+ shoes which is hooked up to the iPod. Nothing better than knowing exactly how far you're running and the calories burned. Here's what I did on my last workout:

Even crazier, I've also signed up for two other runs these upcoming two months:
1. The National Youth Day Run on 28th May (5km)
2. The KL Marathon on 26th June (5km)

Yes, I'm a Running Man now. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

all the best mzul! send my regards to ur wife n family:)


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