Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Malam Gala "Nur Kasih The Movie"

Like they often say, "bahang kian terasa". In this case, the "bahang" felt was figuratively AND literally!

It was indeed a very, very warm evening last night at the Cineleisure, Curve where the "Nur Kasih The Movie" (NKTM) was held.

But it was a very "meriah" do, as eager fans and friends of the film flocked to the venue, all bursting with anticipation ahead of the screening of NKTM.

And here's a shot of some cool people... Haha!

And another one with the film's musical director, Hafiz Hamidun.

Also present were the majority of the film's stars including Remy Ishak, Tiz Zaqyah, Fizz Fairuz, Liza Othman and Sara Ali. Scriptwriter Mira and director Kabir (who btw, patted me on the back for the review on this blog) were also around.

There was also a small stage just outside the halls where Ally Iskandar (mustache and all), interviewed the celebs and gave away some prizes to lucky winners. Mila performed the film's theme song as well.

And what was the reaction after the screening? Well, most people were too emo or too messed up (literally, mascara running and all) to eloquently express what they felt about the film. Which is a pretty good thing, in my opinion.

And oh yeah, they also screened this pretty funny "tribute trailer" done by some fans before the movie started. Have a look...


man yusoef said...

yeah..that night was awesome...i also met u..but didn't take a picture.....hihi...

M.Zul said...

:) hope u enjoyed the show


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