Saturday, April 02, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!: March 2011 Edition (Plan B, Tony Roma's, Sari Ratu etc)

So, March was a really super-busy makan month. Burp. If you haven't done so, scroll down to read about my adventures in JB.

Anyway, the rest of the month was not bad at all.

Let me start with somewhere I'm sure most of you head down to for some decent beef ribs; Tony Roma's. But last month, we decided to pick out something different from the menu, i.e.: the filet mignon. And by George, it was absolutely magnificent!

Seriously, the beef was tender and succulent and it was definitely one of those meals that you didn't want to end. Definitely a must-try for meat lovers, especially.

To complement the beef, we also ordered, as usual, the shrimp scampi. And as usual, they delivered. The shrimps were fresh and aplenty and the pasta's cooked just nice.

Next up is Desa Paku in Ara Damansara. If you recall, I blogged about this place a couple of months back and raved about the kampung food served for lunch.

But this time around, we decided to check out what they had to offer for dinner. And we were... disappointed.

This nasi goreng was, however, the best of the lot. It's spicy with the right choice of spices and condiments.

BUT, please stay away from the laksa Kuala Kedah! It's basically a sad excuse for a laksa, with stuff thrown in with no real reason and the result, the taste was really, "tak tentu arah"!

The tom yam fared slighthly better, but overall, Desa Paku serves much better lunch than dinner.

Next up is nasi padang. We tried the fancier Desa Bambu a couple of months back and weren't impressed at all. So when it comes to value-for-money nasi padang, our favourite choice remains Restoran Sari Ratu. Check out these delightful dishes...

We always go for one type of gulai (usually daging), the sambal, tempe, ayam pop, kentang sambal and also kari kepala ikan. And the desserts are not bad either!

And finally, we made our way for the first time to this one place many are raving about; plan b in Bangsar Village.

The place serves MY kind of food (pasta, burgers and sandwiches, AND awesome desserts), and has a nice relaxed and slightly posh ambience (Bangsar, mah!).

But we wanted to take things slow and try out just a few items on the menu. First up was the crispy duck salad (RM19), and it was a good, crunchy opener. The orange sauce complemented the duck well and everything on the plate was really fresh.

We also had the prime beef pie (RM22), and it was another winner! The pastry's not too crumbly, and the prime beef inside was truly exquisite.

Also on the table was the aglia oglio spaghetti (RM14). It's not the best aglia oglio around (that would be the one at Pizza Uno), but it was filling and light, and complemented everything else we were having quite well.

We also ordered the mushroom soup, fries and coffee on the day, and left feeling fully satisfied.


Joe Faizal said...

Nice photo bro and food.

Exam Result 2011 said...

wow lovely posting for recipes . really It looks so delicious. yummy food watering in my mouth . cool your idea and interesting details shared .thanks

fatiha nasrah said...

makan tempe ke m.zul...

M.Zul said...

org johor, mestilah makan tempe :)

Papa-NtiQ said...

hi zul...cakap pasal sari ratu...saya baru je upload gambar2 masa makan ngan famili kat sari ratu jln TAR. Not bad...first time pegi sana.
Senang2 tu jenguk la yer blog saya kat topik pasal makan,makan dan makan 100% hehe tak de topik lain!
Dan kalu sudi follow yer blog saya TQ TQ bebanyak


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