Friday, April 15, 2011

American Idol 2011: Top 8 Show

"Songs from the movies" has always been one of my favourite Idol themes, although most contestants would simply cop out by choosing tunes that happened to be in a soundtrack, rather than songs that were created especially for the movies.

Paul McDonald
Dude broke out another interesting suit and the song, "Old Time Rock n Roll" by Bob Seger suited him well. But that was about it really. He rocked it, cruised it, but didn't bring anything amazing to it.

Lauren Alaina
She picked "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus and the show's mentors/producers/sit-down comedians quickly pointed out that she had a much better voice than the Hannah Montana star. Maybe, but I didn't feel connected throughout Lauren 's performance and she wasn't THAT much better than Miley, to be honest. And please lah Randy, I'm already so sick of hearing stories of "This is the Lauren we first met bla, bla, bla..." Yawn.

Stefano Langone
Not a stranger to having to rise to the occasion, Stefano delivered another life-saving performance last night via "End of the Road". Didn't like the horn segment arrangement but that didn't deter Stefano from delivering an honest vocal work that should regain his lost votes.

Scotty McCreery
More than anyone else this season, Scotty will make it big in the big bad world out there irregardless of the results. He's relentlessly country and boy, that's one market that's ready to welcome a new male star any time of day. But ok, on his performance; it's nothing we've never seen before, and yes, the way he holds the mic, does annoy me. A lot.

Casey Abrams
Firstly, props to Casey for sticking to his guns in choosing Frank Sinatra's "Nature Boy" despite protests from the mentors/sit-down comedians. And by the end of the performance, he proved that Casey's a true artist, not just a reality show contestant. Question now is: will America find that more important than finding a pop star?

Haley Reinhart
Two weeks of great performances, so could Haley make it three in a row? Well, not quite. With her abilities, Blondie's "Call Me" didn't give her much room to express herself vocally, although she did hit most of the difficult notes. Not quite a fan favourite, this could spell trouble for her.

Jacob Lusk
The vocal wasn't too over-the-top like previous weeks, but Jacob has become unbearable to watch as the weeks go by. Seriously, dude needs to really look in the mirror and change his style fast. Singing like a normal human being would be a good start.

James Durbin
Okay, okay, the dude rocked it and he's a real contender. Doesn't mean I like him though.

Jacob, Paul and Haley in the bottom three. Jacob to go home. Woohoo!!

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