Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hot Topic 8/3 : International Women's Day

It was pretty cool how we were one of the first to talk about International Women's Day this morning on MHI. In fact, judging by some of the comments on facebook, a lot were unaware of the occasion until we mentioned it and made it a topic to discuss.
Of course one of the questions posed was: "Siapakah tokoh wanita yang paling anda kagumi?".

Close to 300 people posted their reply on our fanpage and some of the names that kept popping up included Oprah Winfrey, Tan Sri Zety, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and the Prophet's wives.

Me? Well, the women I most admire have always been those who've impacted my life directly. My late mom was one of them. She gave me her everything, taught me to be a good and thoughtful person, and only wanted the best for me.

I also mentioned my teachers. The majority who made an impact on me were women. They were strict, yet sincere in their duties to impart knowledge and wisdom on us. One particular teacher I will always remember was my primary one teacher, Mrs Singam. You could say I was the teacher's pet, but she didn't hestitate to threaten to wallop me if I was in the wrong.
And of course, no one is as important in my life today than my wife. She's been caring, understanding, loving and forgiving, more than I could ever hope for. I couldn't ask for more, really...

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