Wednesday, March 09, 2011

American Idol 2011 Top 13 : Here We Go!

So, after two months of audition drama, we've come to the serious part of the show. Not that the semifinal wasn't serious business, but this is when the lights get brighter and the smell of the crown grows stronger.

And so, here are my predictions as to how the Top 13 will end up. Feel free to disagree...

The "you can start packing your bags" group

Karen Rodriguez
So she sang in Spanish and looks like a trained beauty queen. But, boring lah. Can't stand the thought of her doing the beauty queen wave should she win the whole thing. But thank God she won't!

James Durbin
Not a fan since day one and although he did well in the semifinal, more will realize that he's just a poor man's Adam Lambert. Yawn. I mean... YAAAWWWW HAAWWNNNN (screaming).
Thia Megia
Great voice, but low on personality. Will crack the Top 10 but nothing more than that.
The "country outsiders" group

Scotty McCreery
First people took him seriously, then he sort of became a joke (for repeating that damn catchy song), then he became a contender again. The dude's a country boy thru and thru and will definitely get enough votes to make it into the Top 10. Top 8, even! But what's he gonna do come Disco Week?

Lauren Alaina
Sure she can really sing, and she has this really uncomfortable thing going on with Steven Tyler (he's 127, girl!), but there's also this "gedik" quality that doesn't go down well with me at least. And I'm not sure if she's capable of a Carrie Underwood "Alone" moment.

The "I'm not so sure about these gals" group

Haley Reinhart
Great vocals, but lacking the X factor. Meh.

Naima Adedapo
A tad too loungy for my liking. And Simon would have agreed.

Ashthon Jones
Great hair and great voice. But the fact that she had to go thru the wildcard round shows that likeability might be a problem for her.

The "holy cow, these guys are super talented but probably won't win it" group

Casey Abrams
Please don't boo me, dagnabit! I LOVE the dude! Damn talented, fun, funny and humble. But I just think that (and I'm not alone on this) Idol is going for more of a pop star winner, not another singer/songwriter type. Boo them, not me!

Paul McDonald
Same case with this guy. He's quirky with a wonderful voice. But probably a tad "old" to benefit from votes of outgoing contestants, which might be a problem if he doesn't have a strong fanbase on his own.

The "put your money on these folks" group

Jacob Lusk
I thought he had given it all during Hollywood week, but the toned-down performance during the semifinal showed that he has another equally appealing dimension. If he polishes up his style a bit and picks the right songs 80 percent of the time, Lusk could be a real contender.

Stefano Lengano
Had to go thru the wildcard round to qualify for the Top 13, but Stefano's the kind of pop star Idol will benefit from. Not as musical as David Archuleta, but will get more girls screaming, I'm excited to see what he can do vocally week in, week out as well.

Pia Toscano
Don't think that much-vaunted performance during the semis was the best she could do, which means, there's still a lot more about this brunette beauty we have yet to see. Which means, she will also peak at the right time to go one-on-one with either of the above for this year's Idol crown.

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