Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol 2011: Top 11 Show (Again)

And so, we had the same Top 11 people going at it another time tonight, this time around singing hits by Elton John. And again, they mostly delievered, with no absolute disasters dished out. Which makes it even sadder that two unfortunate finalists will be sent home tomorrow...
Scotty McCreery
Just when I thought the dude would finally be forced to go pop, he managed to find that ONE country song from Elton John's songbook. So of course, McCreery cruised yet again. Which also means he will easily pick up enough votes from the Red states to progress into the top 9.
7/10 .

Naima Adedapo
A bold idea to give "I'm Still Standing" a reggae treatment, but yet again, Naima punched above her weight. Raggae's more than just about the accent lah dik. You gotta bring soul into the simplicity and that's where she was found terribly lacking. The Stool 'O' Doom awaits.
6/10 .

Paul McDonald
"Rocket Man"'s a great song, but probably not a good competition tune. It could be part of a concert set, but it won't blow anyone away in 90 seconds. And dude, I love that suit, but cranking it out another time reeks of desperation. A below average night for Mr. McDonald for sure.
6/10 .

Pia Toscano
I promised to ignore her if she did a another ballad, so... .

Stefano Langone
He needed to deliver 120% this week and sadly, he didn't do it. I blame the song choice and the weird arrangement. His only hope is for his fanbase to beg and plead their friends to give pretty boy another chance.
6/10 .

Lauren Alaina
I had lost interest completely in the country gal, but whaddya know, she completely nailed "Candle In The Wind". Lauren's technically sound, and when she gets the right feel, I must admit she's capable of producing her fair share of highlights.
9/10 .

James Durbin
Sure, he's a real showman, and his whole performance of "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" was quite a spectacle complete with a burning piano, but there wasn't much singing, to be honest. Still, I expect him to get enough votes to escape the stools.
6/10 .

Thia Meghia
In the bottom three last week, Miss Vanilla decided to... stay exactly the same. Boring dress, safe song choice and I predict the verdict for her won't be any different as well.
5/10 .

Casey Abrams
It was really the moment of truth for the bearded wonder... and he passed the test with flying colours! Great song choice with "Your Song", and it was wonderful how he decided (or forced to?) just sing the song. The trademark growl came out a bit towards the end, but instead of being a gimmick, it gave a good balance to the tender theme of the 90 seconds.
9/10 .

Jacob Lusk
The Method Singer (got such thing ah?), picked out a song that allowed him to showcase his crybaby face yet again, and I think this would be the last time people would let it slide. Which means, he will survive tomorrow night, but not beyond that. You can cry for real then, dude.
6/10 ..

Haley Reinhart
Haley's learning to play the game, and the result can only get better each week for her. Devoid of the X factor at the start of the finals, she's proven to be a fighter and is adding stuff to her whole persona (yup, including the hair). Like I said, she's got a great voice, and when she applies that bluesy quality to the right song, she earns yet another week of survival.
8/10 .

My prediction: Naima, Stefano, Paul and Thia to be in the bottom FOUR. Thia and Stefano (although I hope I'm wrong on this one), to go home.

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