Monday, March 07, 2011

3-1 : The Morning After

Oh what an awesome win for Liverpool last night against long-time rivals Man U (insert your own nasty nickname here). 3-1. Emphatic, excellent and extremely exciting.

Sure it was only 3 points won, but it's a victory that I'm sure, have changed the title course for the teams involved. And yeah, a victory that confirms the renaissance under living legend "King" Kenny Dalglish.

Of course the match will be remembered for Dirk Kuyt's hattrick, Andy Carroll's debut and Luiz "gentel" Suarez's sublime skills that left many a defender for dead, but it was the tactics that stood out for me yet again.
I thought Dalglish lost the plot a bit in the 1-1 draw against Wigan a couple of weeks ago, but he killed off my doubts with a bold formation last night, opting to stick Kuyt upfront instead of going with 5 in midfield.

But still, the players had to perform, and how they did. Most importantly the midfield and defence maintained their discipline and individual brilliance at different points of the game paved the way for an easy win.

And yes, the fiery passion that was missing during Uncle Roy's tenure was there for all to see and enjoy. How I wish I was there at Anfield on days like these!

Anyway, what matters is always the next game. No point in winning against Chelsea and Man U and lose to the West Hams and Stokes.
But let me just end with another shoutout to our awesome Reds. Woo hoo!!!


Anonymous said...

and no phone calls or texts from devils ...very very quiet

Fowler is God but Kenny is the King

M.Zul said...

haha.. still silent until today :)


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