Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's In My Backpack? (Adapted From The Largely Female "Game": What's In My Handbag?)

So, just for the fun of it, I decided to play this largely female blogging "game" i.e.: What's In My Handbag? Only thing, I don't carry around a handbag (it would be a big problem if I DID carry around one), so I've adapted it to What's In My Backpack?

So here's my backpack:
 And here's all the stuff in it:

Not terribly exciting, huh? But here's the rundown anyway...

1. HP Laptop: My work laptop that has served me really well. Only had to send it down to maintenance ONCE in the 4 years I've had it. During weekends, it's also used to play Dora the Explorer games (not by me, obviously).

2. Ipad: What's special about it is its casing. It's cool when people look at you funnily for bringing in a piece of wood to meetings. The same people would then get terribly jealous when they realize what it really was. Hah!

3. Paris Map: Yup, it's still in there for whatever reason. Or maybe it's my "Secret" technique to ensure I'll return there pretty soon... Even without me realising it.

4. Ipod: Mainly for music and FIFA 11. And, yup, Dora The Explorer games.

5. Sentosa Monorail Tickets: OK, maybe I should get rid of these. Not gonna go back to Universal Studios until they install outdoor air-conditioning...

6. Umbrella: Not just ANY umbrella, it's actually a umbrella. You know, to protect you from the rain when you, um, surf the internet outdoors...

7. Assorted Pens/Pencils: Mainly to use for MHI, it's my own collection of hotel stationery (loads more are lying everywhere). And here, I have stuff from Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore, Cyberview Lodge and Holiday Villa Subang (hey, they're not gonna bill me now, are they?)

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