Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, Oscars! (aka Oh, Franco!)

Before you proceed, if you haven't watched the show, please leave this page and come back tomorrow. Don't wanna get cursed for giving away spoilers...

OK, you're still here. Which means you HAVE seen the show and are looking for some post-show commentary. Well, you have come to the right place!

The whole thing started of course with the Red Carpet, and overall, there were more hits than misses but I'll leave the fashion commentary to the aweks...

Meawnhile, the Star Movies broadcast started with their own glamorous pre-show held in Hong Kong. Nice location, but didn't quite fancy the hosts and the guests looked only half-interested. Probably because it's 8.30 in the morning and they had to be decked out in evening gowns.
And when the show finally started, I was mesmerised. Simply because it was in HD, and everything looked gorgeous and clearly defined. The opening montage was rather funny as hosts Anne Hathway and James Franco were dropped into the world of "Inception" and bumped into the likes of Alec Baldwin and Morgan Freeman.
And I continued to be awestruck by the set design. WOW, WOW, WOW...

Then the actual show started, and Hathaway and Franco started to talk. And it started going downhill from there. I love Franco as an actor (refer to my Oscar's predictions), but I didn't get what he was going for as the co-host. He looked uncomfortable and jittery from the start, and his whole "selamba" shtick (or was it "sembelit" shtick?) didn't quite work.

Hathaway tried to be the cheery one but with Franco refusing to play ball, the chemistry simply couldn't be established. And seriously, why did he have to go drag? That is sooo Malaysian humour lah...
I continued to be awed by the production, but even the presenters missed their mark. E.g.: Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. What were they on about, really?

And isn't it ironic that the best bits of tonight's "supposed-to-be-younger" Oscars were delivered by 214-year-old Kirk Douglas? (Although I was genuinely worried for his health the longer his segment went).

There were a few good speeches (that's what the Brits are for), but none could even crack the Top 10 Best Oscar Speeches Of All Time, I reckon.

As for the results; you should know by now that I've been sore about Christopher Nolan not nominated for Best Director since the nominees were announced, and I continued my rant on twitter this morning on the same thing.
Everything else went according to the script I guess as "The King's Speech" won the top 2 awards and the Best Actor gong for Collin Firth. I can't say they didn't deserve to win, but the predictability added to the whole dullness of the show.

And oh, they also had Gwyneth Paltrow SINGING. Whoo-freakin-pee...

I would most probably watch it again tonight, but only cos the show looks good in HD. And I think I will need to watch "127 Hours" another time to regain my respect for Franco...
P.S.: Some people think Franco was stoned while hosting the show. I won't go down that road, but if YOU wish to do so, click HERE

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