Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Las Vacas Great Steak Challenge 2011

So, another year, another Las Vacas steak-eating competition. Took part for the very first time last year, and it took very little convincing for me to give it another go this year.

The competition's bigger than ever with 62 participants this year, and for the first time too, it's held at the joint's other outlet in Mont Kiara.
..The rules are the same though; the person who eats the most steak in 40 minutes, wins. Easy peasy. But was it really, for me?

I was determined to do better than last year, which means anything above 500gms would be an improvement for me. No way I was gonna win it, so at the very least, I had to recoup the RM100 investment.

And on that count, I did pretty well I must say. We started with 2 pieces of 300gms of black angus ribeye, and yup, I finished those.

...But by the third piece though, I was already struggling. Chewing fast became a chore, and the steak didn't taste as good when I first started. But by the end of the 40mins, I had finished 3/4 of the final piece.

Like I said, I never expected to win, but I left with my pride intact. Haha. The winner chomped down (get ready for this), 2.38kgs of the stuff. I know, giler ke apa??? Dude was declared the champ and also won a trip to Australia.

...But this was it for me. As I write this, meat sweats are still pouring down my body, and with that, I declare I am retiring from all eating competitions. Now, can someone recommend me a good cardiologist?
For more pics, check out the MHI facebook page HERE
...Pics: Nazrul Tahir (sibuk je nak credit)

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