Wednesday, February 16, 2011

8 Social Media Types I Dislike (I Can't Say "Hate" Cos Some Of The Culprits Are My Friends)

1. The "Praying" Sort
"Pray everything's gonna be ok". "Pray tomorrow I'll get the jeans that I want"... NEWSFLASH: Tweeting is NOT praying. Sure God will hear you wherever you are, but actually getting down on your knees to pray is a MUCH better option than typing tweets on your sofa.

2. The Broken Brigade
Ah yes, folks who don't even realise they're butchering other people's language. Eg: "This concert is suck!!". No, YOU suck...

3. "Woot Woot"
What does it even mean, anyway? "It's Friday! Woot woot!" Let me give you a kick in the ass and see if you'll still be woot woot-ing away...

4. Just For Laughs?
Usually happens with FB status updates. "Hehehehehe" "Ekekekeke" "wakakaka" for no apparent reason. I guess the stat that says one in ten Malaysians suffer from some sort of mentall illness is right after all.

5. The So-Called Busy Bees
"OMG, It's 5pm and I haven't had lunch!". "When will work ever be done? Sigh.". Well, maybe if you stop updating everyone about how busy you are all the time (and sighing), you might actually get some work done. Just a tip.

6. Cryptic Maniacs
Usually done to fish for comments. Eg: "Hmm... I can see it now". Lame.

7. Rempit-gitis
"Bowink. SoRk aKew naK gi MaNEw nie??? Ekekekeke". Please lah. Can't you spell like, you know, regular humans??

8. "I Have A Car And Here's 500 Pictures Of It"
Yup, we're all proud of the stuff we have and there's no harm in sharing with the peeps you know. But berpada-padalah. Your BMW still looks the same no matter where it's parked. We get it, you have a nice car, get over yourself.

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