Monday, January 03, 2011

MHI 2011: Here We Go!

A new year, and a brand new treatment and set for Malaysia Hari Ini. And what a big bang we made earlier today! The comments have been largely favourable and credit must go to all the MHI crew and its "orang-orang besar", including Executive Producer Ally Iskandar who now has a bigger hand in the show.

It's not only cosmetic changes though, so we had complete run through on Sunday, just to get things right. And it was also our first time checking out the new set. What a beaut!

With all that done, it was showtime earlier today! One of the major changes in the feel is to have the hosts standing up in the first segment of the show. Ditching rigidity, we're also free to move about and use the space as we like, and maybe break out some breakdancing moves. OK, I'm kidding on that last bit. ...

And definitely the energy felt different. With an established chemistry between fellow hosts, I personally had a rockin' good time. Even though it was 6.30 in the morning!
The show intends to be more interactive as well, so we've activated (and revamped) various platforms for the viewers and fans to interact directly with the show.

For starters, if you're on Facebook (aren't we all?), search for 'MHI TV3' and 'Like' it! It's a new fanpage, that went from 200+ likes before we went on-air this morning to over 2,000+ after we talked about it on the show. Thanks guys!

And the comments we've received have been tremendous! Loads of kind words and suggestions.
You can also find out more about upcoming content on our microsite, , courtesy of our awesome Alt Media team! There won't be any Catch-Up though, but selected videos will be uploaded from time to time.

Apart from those, you can also follow MHI on twitter @mhitv3, sms at 33399 (type MHI, space and your message) and of course, call us at 1-800-88-6636.

I personally read out some of the messages and comments on today's show and we'll continue to do this which I'm sure, the viewers would appreciate.

And yeah, we've got loads of awesome content coming up for 2011. Happy watching peeps!


Che Kay said...

Bulan lepas saya lewat 3 kali ke tempat kerja gara-gara melekat depan tv menonton diskusi menarik di MHI. hihi =)

(lewat seminit...itu pun sebab jam di mesin thumbprint diawalkan 5 minit)

M.Zul said...

oops... salah MHI lah ni? hehe


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