Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Food, Glorious Food!: December Edition

We didn't exactly go crazy for the last month of the year, but there were some very delicious highlights...

Used to go to the Manhattan Fish Market a lot before, and I guess they've managed to maintain their quality and reasonable prices. What brought us back there recently was a special item on the menu: crabs!

But while it was pretty meaty, the crab was a tad too salty. Pity.

OK, next up, is our absolutey favourite Thai place (non-fancy category): Alisara. Yup, forget Viccudha and the rest; for a smokin' spicy, authentic experience, THIS IS IT, folks.

Although not pictured here, you MUST try the Gulai Kampung Ikan Keli! Be warned though: It might result in smoke coming out of your ears. But really, it's one of those things that will make you cry, but that won't stop you from continue eating.

Everything else here are pretty good as well including the Tom Yam, Somtam, Daging Matahari, Deep Fried Fish with Thai Sauce, and the Pineapple Fried Rice.

To find the place, simply click HERE

We also wanted some good Indian food on one of those off days and decided on Bombay Spice at The Gardens. We ordered only a couple of things and both delivered.
The Mutton Beriyani may not look much in the picture, but once you dig deeper and mix things up a little, you'll be delighted by the richness and spiceness of the dish. The Kashmiri Nan wasn't too bad either...

And finally, here's something we now often resort to for a "light dinner". Sandwiches at The Loaf! And this what I usually order, Salmon on Croissant. Simple, fresh and pretty filling.

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