Monday, November 15, 2010

My Top 10 Favourite Sporting Moments Of All Time

It’s an argument that could go on and on, but here are my own personal favourite Top 10 sporting moments of all time…

10 Owen takes on Argentina
Yes, England suck at the big tournaments, but in the 1998 World Cup, its newest starlet, Liverpool’s Michael Owen provided one simply magical highlight. Collecting the ball close to the middle of the field, Owen got into higher gear and went past two Argentinean players before slotting it past the keeper. It didn’t matter that England eventually lost the game.

9 My own layup vs Malaysia
It was 1995. International Islamic University vs the Malaysian National Team in a friendly match. I was playing like crap until that moment. Someone in defence grabbed a rebound and I quickly made a run for it to the other side of the court. I caught the ball beautifully and made the 1-2 step before laying up the ball for 2 points. Against Malaysia! You can just call me Awesome. Thank you.

8 Jonny Wilkinson’s drop-goal at the death
Even Hollywood couldn’t write the script any better. England and Australia were tied at 17 all in the 2003 Rugby World Cup final with only seconds to go in extra time. And when England won a penalty, everyone in the world knew what would happen in the next couple of passages, and Jonny was not to be denied. His kick was perfect. And England became world champions.

7 Kimi Raikkonen snatches the F1 world title
All season long it looked like the 2007 drivers’ title would go to McLaren’s rookie Lewis Hamilton. When it came down to the final race in Brazil, no one gave Raikkonen any chance of winning the crown, being seven points behind. The Iceman needed to win the race while hoping Hamilton would royally choke and finish 7th or worse. And what do you know, that’s exactly what happened! Raikkonen drove a perfect race and snatched the championship by a single point.

6 Alan Kennedy and the Kings of Europe
I was nine-years-old then but I remember waking up at 3am to watch this European Cup final between Liverpool and Real Madrid in 1981. It was goalless in the first half, but deep into the second, Kennedy crashed a beautiful angled shot into the Roma goal for a wonderful win. Ah, the good old days.

5 The Michael Jordan “switch”
B-Ball fans would surely remember this one. It was Game 2 of the 1991 NBA Finals (the first time Jordan’s Chicago Bulls were in the Finals) vs the LA Lakers. Jordan went to the hoop with his right hand like he was going to dunk the ball. But instead, in mid-air, he switches to his left hand and laid up the ball. Poetry in freakin’ motion.

4 Mike Tyson brings down Spinks
Tyson was King of the World then, knocking out hapless opponents like they’re nothing. And Mr. Spinks was unfortunately, one of them. I remember sitting down expecting some sort of resistance from Tyson’s undefeated opponent. But the fight lasted a mere 91seconds when Tyson knocked Spinks out with a super Right hand. I hadn’t even started on my kerepek when it ended.

3 Michael Johnson’s 200
The conditions were perfect for a world record at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Johnson looked supremely confident. And when the gun was fired, it was evident that there can only be one winner in the 200m sprint. Johnson ran the race of his life and clocked an earth shattering 19.32. Usain Bolt has topped that time, but Johnson’s run is the one that sticks in my mind.

2 Tiger Woods wonder shot at the 2005 US Masters
It’s The Shot that’s been recognized as the best of the past decade. It was at the 16th Hole. Woods still had a long way to go to the flsg. When the ball got there, it stalled at the cup for a couple of seconds (for a close-up on the Nike logo) before dropping in. The commentator asked: “In you life, have you seen anything like that?” Giler ke apa??? ...

1 Michael Jordan wins his 6th ring
With 20seconds on the clock in 1998's game 6 of the NBA Finals, Jordan stole the ball from Karl Malone and dribbled up the floor. Bryon Russell took up the job of manning Jordan. Futile it was. Jordan calmly dribbled, cross-overed, and sank the winning shot that gave Chicago their 6th title. Simple and expected, yet majestic in its execution. And with that, Jordan sealed his place as the greatest ever.

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