Saturday, September 11, 2010

My 5 Favourite Moments

In conjunction with's 3rd Anniversary, here are my 5 favourite gua moments...

5. The reveal
The brand was first revealed at a Trade Launch event at One World Hotel. And it was a big rush for me when we unveiled the logo and name for the first time ever.

4. Supergig, y'all!
A few months after gua was born, we unleashed its sister site, And about a month later, we gave the people Guamuzik Supergig, featuring 13 top artistes in the land (Butterfingers included!). Thousands came, rocked out and had a memorable time.

3. Hello, Jom Heboh!
We got our first taste of Jom Heboh in December '07. Over half a million people came, and our booth was virtually swarmed every second it was open. Tiring like hell it was, but thoroughly satisfying for sure.

2. Kerana Karina for the world
A phenomenon it was. Recognised in the record books as "The first ever made-for-web drama in Malaysia", Kerana Karina boasted a star-studded cast, a refreshing new format and spawned two sequels.

1. The launch!
11th September 2007. Maison, KL. The journey began.

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