Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey, Ho!

So, I guess I haven't had that many interesting things to share with you lot off late. But really, it's also been a tiring few weeks lah, mainly 'cos I've been clocking in 4 MHI shows per week for three consecutive weeks.

So it's been three weeks of waking up at 5, shower and shave while my eyes are still basically shut, reaching Sri Pentas 6am, talk for a couple of hours, and continue with regular work usually until 6.30pm.

Gambar hiasan

But yeah, it's been quite fun lah. Especially those Raya shows when the mood was more relaxed and we basically talked about eating Raya food while eating on the set. ...

Gambar hiasan

I've also clocked in over 1,000kms during the festive period. Driving down to Melaka, then JB, then Melaka, then KL... and back down to Melaka a few days after the first trip.

And how am I able to do all these at a sorta-old age? Milo, of course!

Well, not really. More like, will power. If you believe you can do it, you WILL do it. Haha. That's not even smart.

Anyway, just wanted to jot down something here and wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya again. Oh yeah, I'll be going to France soon. That'll be fun, I hope :)

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