Monday, September 27, 2010

Dr. Brady Barr In Da' House!

Yup, this morning on MHI, we had world famous herpetologist Dr. Brady Barr in the house. In town to promote the latest season of Dangerous Encounters on Nat Geo Wild, Dr. Barr and I had a lively chat about some of his more life-threatening experiences including an encounter with a giant phython at the Snake Palace in Bali.

Dr. Barr is also known for adopting unconventional measures in his efforts to get closer to animals including disguising himself as a hippo just to get a sweat sample off those burly beasts. Check out the video below...

Only bummer was he couldn't bring over some interesting reptiles to the set as promised. Apparently he injured his hand (bitten by a crocodile, of course) just before coming over to Malaysia and couldn't have possibly handled the animals himself.

Anyway, thanks to the folks at Nat Geo for making the interview possible and thanks to Dr. Barr for his time. Do come back, and please bring some slithery creatures with you next time! :)

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Anonymous said...

by reptiles do u mean sir funguson or manure fans?


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