Monday, August 09, 2010 Has Arrived

Yup, we made history this past Friday evening when we unleashed on to the world! 12 months in the making, TonTon is a video portal like no other.

World Class. Intelligent. Amazing Content.

The launch itself was quite something, if I may say so. The aim was to put up something people will remember for a long time, and I think we managed to do just that.

Held at the Sunway Convention Centre, the launch had a bit of showbiz and pizzaz; punctuated by presentations by Izham, Paul and myself.

Hats off to the production team that came up with the concept and were flawless in their execution. Logistics was handled by our own Alt Media team and as usual, our guys delivered as well.

The opening gambit featured Showdown champs Wakaka Crew doing an incredible choreography that drew wondrous gasps for its sheer bravery and creativity.
Izham then came on first to intro the event. The invitation didn’t say what this was all about, so the audience was simply transfixed, waiting for the eventual announcement.
....Excerpts from Izham’s presentation:

We believe in an amazing, engaging, interactive future for media, how we make great content, how we bring everyone together, how we interact with everyone, yes the basic idea of media...but for a new age. We believe in this future and we spent a lot of time on how to get to this dream from where we are now.

I think.....we’ve finally cracked it. I really think we have. I think we may be able to offer to you, from today, a beautiful digital solution. A game-changing solution.

We’d like to present to you.... TonTon.

Then TonTon was revealed, and everyone went WHOA!!!

Then came Paul to talk more about TonTon’s features and advertising offerings.
....Excerpts from Paul’s presentation:

3 words that if you remember nothing else from today, I hope you will recall.

World-Class. Intelligent. Video.

So what IS Tonton?

Simply put, it’s a place...a digital place...designed to watch video in the way we ALREADY like to watch video...

A lot of companies out there will tell you their system is intelligent...but we know WHO our users are and WHAT they want. No competitor can currently replicate this.

What makes it so intelligent?

We combine 5 User Targeting Factors. Demographics, Behavioural, Contextual, Location, Device.

Then came some entertainment in the form of Faizal Tahir who belted “Superhero”, taken from his latest album.
...And then it was time for yours truly. Who made an entrance as The Rock. Really!

Of course there was a reason for the gimmick, which you’ll find out from the excerpts of my presentation as below:

Content is King on TonTon. We’ve gone to great lengths, even got ourselves thrown out of board meetings, just to bring incredible (and expensive) content from all over the world.

In a nutshell, we have: great international shows on Hollywood/Asian Catch-up TV, all our popular shows on Local Catch-Up TV, Full-Length Feature Films, Over 30,000 Hours Of TV Gold, Exclusive Web Content, and Customised Channels.

But wait, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got one last surprise! - something I’m most excited about – and the reason for this whole get-up – TonTon will also have WWE Classics!

Featuring the greatest matches and stars of professional wrestling like Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and The Rock!

It was great to see the huge turnout. Big guns from the industry, clients, agencies and celebs were there. And I think we delivered the message loud and clear.

Thank you to all who came, and do enjoy the goodie bag.

And to everyone involved in the launch, you guys are super-duper awesome!
Our Future Starts Now.

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