Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramadhan So Far...

It’s already the second week of Ramadhan and so far, I’ve had 4 murtabaks, 3 steaks, chicken wings, nasi kerabu, nasi briyani, and plenty of kuih muih. Haha.

OK, but seriously, it’s been a good Ramadhan for most, I believe. The weather’s been kind, and there are no worries about a shortage of food anywhere. Ahem.

But one thing that’s most heart-warming, at least for me, is how technology is playing a meaningful part in spreading the joys and message of Ramadhan to everyone, everywhere.

Personally, I feel this year’s Ramadhan is much more “meriah” with a little help from social media. And I don’t just mean the thousands of tweets on “buka puasa” food choices, but more on the sharing of the magic and benefits of the Holy Month.

The constant well wishes that everyone showers on everyone else is also a good change in mood where generally people would get pissed off by the slightest bit of inconvenience. (Typical non-Ramadhan tweet: “I’m sooooo $%$^# late! Can’t the $%#$%# cat move out of my $%#$# way???”)

Yup, generally everyone’s nicer to each other and there’s more talk on the good things in life, which I think totally rocks lah.

Over on youtube and facebook, the mood’s quite the same. Videos are shared on the various miracles God has bestowed on us, and I believe, at least some of these have impacted some lives out there.

So yeah, it’s been a good Ramadhan indeed so far. And keep the spirit going, guys!

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