Saturday, August 14, 2010

EPL is Here!

Yup, the big bad football show returns tonight and life will be complete again for most of us out there. After an above-average World Cup, expectations for the new season is rather high, to say the least.

If last season was close for positions 1-7, expect nothing less this time around. But what's more intriguing is the fact that the majority of teams will have to improve using whatever resources they have and pure tactical astuteness. Only Man City have had the luxury of buying up new duds... I mean, stars.

Of course I will have to comment on my team, Liverpool. After a disastrous past season, it's safe to say that this season can only see The Reds improving. But by how much, is the real question.

New manager Roy Hodgson definitely has the experience and know-how, but does he have enough quality personnel to make an impact? Well, I say... YES!

In Gerrard and Torres, who have decided to stay, Liverpool have two World XI players who could turn around any game. If injuries stay away from the duo this season, great things will definitely happen.
And oh yeah, having Joe Cole would definitely come in handy. Another proven game winner, Cole will get enough playing time at Anfield to keep his game sharp throughout the gruelling season.

Elsewhere, Reina will continue will to be a safe pair of hands in goal while the defense should find the discipline and toughness under Roy again.

So where will all this put Liverpool in the competitive mix? I say the Top 3 would easily be achievable. Anything more will be a big fat bonus. But yes, they will definitely win the league, NEXT YEAR.
Here we go!

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