Tuesday, July 06, 2010

World Cup Semi-final Predictions

Man oh man, so apparently, I only got ONE prediction right for the quarterfinal stage. But really, teams not playing to form has been the theme of this year's World Cup, so it was not a real big surprise that the likes of Argentina and Brazil got dumped and sent home.

Anyway, it's the semis now, and here are my predictions:

Uruguay vs Holland
Holland has the only 100% record in the competition, yet there are still doubts hanging over their heads. But against Brazil, Robben and co showed that they could outplay (and out-annoy) anyone in the competition. Uruguay's damn lucky to be in the round and should thank the fact that the Ghanians are the world's worst penalty-takers. So some might say, "mestilah Holland menang!". Well, it's been proven in this World Cup that nothing should be taken for granted. But having said that, I believe Holland will prevail in 90mins.
Prediction: Holland 2 Uruguay 0

Germany vs Spain
Fuh, what a cracker this is gonna be huh? Obviously, Germany and their fans are now feeling super confident (some Germany fans even believe that they could win the next 4 World Cups, pfft...). Spain have had to labour hard for their results, but look to be in good shape as well, especially with David Villa playing a vital role. I also think the battle in midfield would be brutal, and expect to see some casualties.
Prediction: 1-1 after 90mins, but Spain to win 2-1 in extra time


Anonymous said...

my prediction is same goes with u.

MEIJI said...

Between Germany & Spain, I choose Germany to go to the next round, (Germany will win 2-1).


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