Friday, July 02, 2010

World Cup Quarterfinal Predictions

Well, I was pretty accurate with the 2nd round predictions, wasn't I? The two I got wrong was based on sentiment, so there you go. But the rest went pretty much according to what I expected.

So now it's time for the quarterfinal predictions!

Brazil vs Holland
Fuh, what a match this is, altho Holland has flattered to deceive on many occasions. But it would be a great encounter if Brazil were to fall behind, which I think we will see tonite. Their star players would then have to show their real character, serving up scintillating skills along the way.
Prediction: Brazil to come behind and win 2-1

Uruguay vs Ghana
High hopes for Ghana indeed, and thankfully they're facing only the 3rd best team from South America. Uruaguay's ok but if you mark out their forwards, you would have a great chance of winning
Prediction: 0-0 at full time. Ghana to snatch solitary goal in extra time.

Germany vs Argentina
Another cracker, this. Germany has been the surprise package with energetic young players and tactical discipline. Argentina has deserved the hype but it would be awesome to see how Maradona would completely lose his mind if they were to lose.
Prediction: Argentina to win 2-1 in extra time.

Spain vs Paraguay
Favourites Spain have shown loads of progress and striker David Villa is on fire. Paraguay's lucky to be in this round and won't put up too much resistance, I'm afraid.
Prediction: The most one-sided affair of the round this will be. Spain to win 2-0.


rizal hashim said...

hmmm....rasa-rasa macam setuju...

M.Zul said...

wah, En Rizal Hashim pun bersetuju. Bagus ni... :)

MEIJI said...

Dear Mr Mzul, what happened to Brasil?? 1 down 3 more to the way keep on to read it...;)

Anonymous said...

wow. almost-precise scoreline but totally opposite when it came down to the victorious team. tough luck, i think many are still sobbing at this point of time.

M.Zul said...

ya lah, totally screwed up this world cup. lousy for predictions, but great drama!

MEIJI said...

At last one of your prediction are right...good guess....congrats! ;)


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