Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Final Prediction

So now it's down to ONE final match (I mean, who cares about who comes in third or fourth, right?). Whoever it is, the World Cup 2010 final will produce some history of its own. We will see a NEW winner in a long, long time, and for the first time ever as well, Europe will actually bring back the cup from a different continent.

So, who is it gonna be?

Predictions by my Facebook peeps at least have been split, with an almost equal number of people picking both Holland and Spain.

But crucially to most people. the world's most famous Octopus had spoken, I mean, chosen, Del Bosque's men.

And I pick Spain as well...

Why? Cos although Holland has won all of its matches in the tournament, which is an excellent achievement, Spain had taken its time and is peaking just at the right time. They have the confidence, the experience of being in a final two years ago and of course, the players to win the whole damn thing.

Holland has been brilliant in patches, and players like Arjen Robben could turn around the game in a second. But I think Spain will choke them up from the start and not allow the Dutch to get into any sort of rhythm and will ultimately be frustrated.

On Spain's side, the midfielders will reign supreme while the defence will do its job properly. And we know they're more than capable of scoring that crucial goal with David Villa in top form.

So there it is; my pick is Spain. And the scoreline will be 2-1.


IKHWAN said...

The pressure is on the professional football pundits of the world, will they agree with..... an Octopus and a Parrot who have chosen Spain...or Pino the Chimp for Holland... either way it proves these pundits know less than these animals!!!! Hahahahahaa

M.Zul said...

it's easier for the animals cos they predict with no emotions attached mah... :)


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