Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Don't Eat A Lot. Really!

So, I’ve had people telling me that I remind them of food. Because my social media updates usually revolve around food, I’ve earned this reputation as quite a foodie. AND that I eat a lot. But seriously, I don’t!

I mean, yeah, the stuff I tweet about are usually the biggies; like steaks, ribs, shrimps and durians…

But as I usually tell the skeptics; the rest of the time when I’m not confronted by some sort of feast, I eat very little! See, even you guys are going: “yeah, right.”

But it’s the truth lah. I like to eat good stuff, but I’m not such a heavy eater. If I have one piece of steak, that would be enough for me. I never order a second round, or even dessert.

Even at buffets, I usually eat only maybe 40% of what I'm paying for.

And I’m definitely NOT one of those who could eat one rice-cooker full of rice all by himself!
Maybe I should tweet less about food, but hey, with so much negativity going on, even on social media, why not share the good stuff in life right?

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