Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh England!

Caught the England vs Algeria game earlier this morning on RTM (no astro at the hotel where I'm staying), and I must say that I was simply disgusted. Disgusted!

It was without a doubt the worst England performance at the World Cup I've ever seen. Even worse than the horror show in 1990 when the Three Lions drew with Ireland, 1-1.

The England players looked devoid of ideas and conviction and as a commentator said on ESPN, when they left the field, "the boos actually drowned out the vuvuzelas". Padan muka!

The pundits were going on and on about England's lame performance but I think they needed more than the 30mins allocated.

But allow me to summarise. The "superstar" players were crap. Shrek, I mean Rooney, couldn't even control the ball, Lampard was reduced to 5mph shots, Gerrad gave away the ball too many times and even the corners were executed with no clear strategy or intent in mind.

And don't get me started about the "semi superstars". Lennon's too green for such a heavy task, Wright-Philips is basically on a free Safari vacation, Heskey's simply making up the numbers... and it goes on and on.

The only silver lining for Fabio Capello's squad is that their destiny is still in their own hands. Beat Slovenia (not as easy as it sounds), and they're through to the next round, where (judging by what's been dished out so far), they'll simply crash and burn.

I sooo pray that I'll be proven wrong...

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