Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Dunia Baru Reunion" Launched!

So on Saturday, launched its latest online drama "Dunia Baru Reunion" at PWTC, in conjunction with Youth '10. If the name sounds familiar, it's because Dunia Baru was in fact a series on TV3 for 3 years and they even had a movie released a couple of years back.

The show wasn't continued after that, but we thought it'd be an awesome idea to bring back the popular gang... online!

Produced by KL Motion Picture, "Dunia Baru Reunion" will be streamed on gua beginning 7th June with new episodes shown every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The drama stars most of the names from the TV series including Elyana, Wan Elyas and Anne Ngasri with a couple of notable newbies in the mix, including Tania Hudson.

.At the same time and venue, we also announced the winners of Pertandingan Cerita Lawak GUA, launched about 3 months ago. The dude in the picture below won RM2,500 in total prize money. Not bad huh? To watch his video and the rest of the entries, click HERE

The event was graced by one of the contest's professional judges, Sharifah Shahirah.

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