Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hot Topic 7/3 : When The New Sultan of Johor Speaks…

So I was pleasantly surprised to read an exclusive interview with the new Sultan of Johor in The Sunday Star today.

The Sultan basically spoke his mind and I sincerely hope everyone takes note of his, well, wishlist. Allow me to recap the major points:

1.The Sultan wants a “trouble-free Johor”
2. A new bridge should be built to replace the causeway
3. MRT line from Singapore in JB would be good for everyone
4. Politicians and government servants should shape up or get out
5. More should be done for the state’s tourism industry

As a proud Johorean, all I can say is, bravo!

A great state like Johor has the potential to achieve so much more and the Sultan has basically outlined the roadmap for it.

Let’s take tourism for example. When someone mentions Malaysian Tourism, Johor doesn’t exactly come to mind, does it? The question is, why not?

A great empire once upon a time, Johor’s got a lot to offer those into history – if things are organized much better. And talk about eco-tourism, Johor has enough waterfalls, islands and forest reserves to rival an other state in the country.

Till when do we have to depend on the “accidental tourists” from Singapore alone? More should be done to also lure the millions from all over the world who drop by the Lion City each year.

And yes, why is Johor food is not as world famous as it should be?

Loads of points to ponder really, and it’s great to see the new Sultan speaking his mind on these issues. Daulat Tuanku!


IKHWAN said...

Daulat Tuanku Sultan Ibrahim..... he has inherited the 'Royal Balls' from his late dad, lets hope the execution and follow thru would be as good as this first interview... a few hours after this article was published, the MB was warded to Specialist centre.... BP spiked kot?? hahaha Its about time to change the 'Kuda Kepang' MB lah... he inherited a very rich state and look at what he has created it into, besides selling to foreign conglomerates...
All the best Tuanku... make English College proud..!!!

M.Zul said...

yeah, everything has been spelt out. Tuanku even said stuff can be solved over "a cup of tea".
would love to see a bridge replacing the causeway in my lifetime.
Daulat Tuanku!


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