Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot Topic 11/3 : Moronic Malaysian Motorists

So okay, not quite a hot topic, but more like a never-ending sore point for many of us. It’s getting tiresome complaining about moronic Malaysian motorists, but it’s becoming a sin NOT to do so.

Just the other day, the topic of traffic jams was opened yet again to the viewers of Malaysia Hari Ini, and the 2 main factors blamed for the problem were the construction of the roads and the attitude of motorists themselves.

And in all seriousness, I would love it if someone were to do a full-on research on the subject. I mean, have people standing by and stop those queue jumpers, road hoggers, etc and straight up ask them what the hell was wrong with them. Seriously.

I’d love to know the reasons for being such morons; especially those who always end up on the wrong lane when paying for tolls. It can’t be that the signboards aren’t big enough, but there are people everyday who do this, backing up traffic and generally getting a lot of people pissed off.

Why people, why? Is it so hard to queue? Or stay in the right lane? Or, you know, NOT be such a moron?

Just writing about it makes my blood go upstairs lah…


Anonymous said...

Dude, chill lah. Not like you never put your TnG in one car and then forget to move it when u drive another car. Or like wife forget to inform that she taken the card because hers no more topup inside.

Next time if got Silver Altis block your road then i say sorry first lah.

PLUS should have just make the card be our ATM card (like Singapore) and put a reader in every car sold

Anonymous said...

biaslah. bunch of idiots ... just emailed u a song to go with the article

Fowler is God but Torres is the new Almighty

M.Zul said...

Anon, sorry but I refuse to give the benfefit of the doubt to these morons.

If you're sharing TNG, here's a tip: 300meters BEFORE reaching the Toll plaza, CHECK if you have the card or not... THEN decide which lane to take.

It's so easy to do!

But I agree with you, it's high time we should take a look at how things are done in Singapore :)

Aziya said...

Salam Mr. Zul, lama tak surf your blog

Unforgivable... before starting the journey check everything needed lah kan... who knows you'd left the purse at home'.... what's wrong with getting prepared of anything before drive the car...

*Sigh* attitude that call "I'm rushing.... because I'm late"

Then, jangan pegang smart tag time nak checkpoint... melambatkan keadaan arrghhh... the RFID signal depends on the device position ya.. bukan melalui berapa jauh kita boleh lakukan jangkauan melunjur sambil pegang device hahahahahah.. bahaya !!

pretty cynical if i say people that drives the big cars is the one that gives trouble the most in the toll booth (especially smart tag)... kaya sangat sampai lupa nak top up kan... kaya sangat sampai lupa nak beli battery baru kan????


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