Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Steak Wars!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice how much I've been talking about steaks lately. Don't know lah. It's not a new-found craze or anything, but the whole thing was really kickstarted when I discovered this new steak place in Kelana Jaya called Las Vacas. (Scroll down a bit to read about the steak-eating competition I took part in last month).
Anyway, there are many reasons why this place is nothing short of exceptional. For one, it's easy to find (it's right behind the famous kuey teow FAM), and parking is always ample, especially at night.

The whole place also has a really nice, cosy ambience. Not too many tables though, so reservations are recommended. The service is also top-notch. And I can bet that after a couple of visits, the owners themselves would already know your name.

But what about the steaks you ask? So far, they've delivered on every visit, I must say. (and so far I've tried the rib-eye, sirloin and chuck rib). It's really about the meats and at Las Vacas, they only import the best for you and me.

The sides are of no-frills variety though. So don't expect anything more than a piece of bread and some vege. But that's really ok, cos the steaks are the real stars.

On some people's recommendations, I also paid a visit to Meatworks recently, located at Solaris, Mont Kiara. Good name for a steak house, huh?
Meatworks is definitely swankier with more expensive-looking decor and a "shinier" interior. The kind of place you take a first date to in order to impress.
The food? Well, I quite liked like complimentary satay. As for the steaks, the reviews were rather mixed. The rib-eye was thick and juicy and was rather good, but the sirloin was only so-so. It was porbably grilled a minute more than it should, so it was a tad hard to enjoy.
So in this particular battle, Las Vacas wins hands down. Better food, better service, although it can get a tad pricy as well. But hey, the best things in life ain't cheap, ok?

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