Friday, February 19, 2010

Hot Topic 19/2

So a hot topic today is the condemnation of my fellow MHI host, Wardina, by an anonymous blogger for her visit of Kelantan MB Nik Aziz earlier this week in Kosmo.

If you haven’t heard, Wardina attended an event in Kelantan called “Hari Hiburan Islam”, and later on admitted that she had met up with the enigmatic Tok Guru.

She had also expressed her admiration for him, but, as she related to me personally this morning, she had also expressed the same for former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad.

In an earlier Kosmo article, she was quoted as saying: “Memang betul saya ke Kelantan dan ada berjumpa dengan Nik Aziz tetapi bukan tentang hal politik. Saya ke sana atas undangan kerajaan negeri dan itu bukanlah kali pertama saya terlibat dalam majlis ilmu di Kelantan.”

But in another Kosmo article today, the tabloid quoted an anonymous blogger who basically blasted her for being “Anasir PAS di TV3”.

The problem really lies in what I’ve always believed; that there’s simply too much politics in our lives here in Malaysia. And that nothing can be done or said by anyone without someone else putting a political spin on it.

Seriously, issues can’t be discussed without not knowing where you’re coming from politically. I mean, talk about an immature society, apolitical citizens are usually quick to be shot down as not knowing what they’re talking about or “misled” by so-and-so simply for being honest with their opinions.

I bet if I were to say that the No-Plastic-Bag campaign that’s been going on in the Klang Valley is good, I’m sure there would be those who will come up with 1001 reasons why it’s not (because the idea didn't come from them) while calling me an opposition supporter.

Can’t people just be supporters of good ideas and efforts instead? I mean, as a tax-paying citizen (and I do pay LOADS of taxes), can’t I think of society’s interests instead of what everything means to politicians (whomever they may be)? Sheesh...

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